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QCR Holdings, Inc., A Relationship Driven OrganizationQCR logo

QCR Holdings, Inc. will be the premier provider of financial services to businesses and individuals for whom relationships matter, in markets where we can excel.

This focus on relationships is at the very core of everything we do and has been the heartbeat of our rapid growth since 1994. We accomplish this by making investments in outstanding people that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to developing and nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we then provide them with the best technology, operational support and facilities to help them exceed our clients' expectations.

Key to executing on this mission is that each QCR Holdings entity is given the autonomy to tailor products, services and decisions unique to the market that it serves, facilitating the customized relationship-based service that drives our organization.

Our local bankers are supported by a QCR Holdings Group Operations team that delivers operational services in a centralized and efficient manner. The members of the QCR Holdings Group Operations team share the same passion for building relationships with and exceeding the expectations of their "clients" at each of our entities, which allows each entity to possess the resources of a much larger financial institution. Another key component of our business model is a Board of Directors at each banking charter that consists of local community leaders who share this drive to make a difference to our clients and the communities in which they live and work.

Staying true to our core strategy of delivering local decisions that impact our clients and delivering support services that do not directly impact clients in a centralized and efficient manner has created a strong brand for each of our QCR Holdings entities.

Our QCR Holdings team will continue to develop new relationships, and strengthen existing ones, as we continue to be a place where relationships matter. Each member of the team - from our newest employee to our most veteran Board member - will work together to ensure that QCR Holdings, Inc. remains A Relationship Driven Organization.®