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Checking Comparison
Minimum Opening Deposit Designed for emerging and established businesses with low volume. Interest bearing checking account offering a better value to businesses that maintain higher balances. High activity checking account that utilizes earned credit to offset service and maintenance fees.
Interest Earnings* $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Earnings Credit Index Not Applicable Variable Not Applicable
Minimum Balance Requirement Not Applicable Not Applicable Variable
Monthly Maintenance None $10,000.00 Average Daily Balance None
Monthly Service Charge (if below minimum) None None $15.00
Checks Written and Other Debits None $30.00 Not Applicable
Ongoing Overdraft 125 Free per Statement; Over 125, $0.25 each 300 Free per Statement; Over 300, $0.20 each $0.229 per Item
Deposits and Other Credits $5.00 to be charged on the 3rd day $5.00 to be charged on the 3rd day $5.00 to be charged on the 3rd day
Negative Collected Balance Charge No Charge No Charge $0.497
Items Deposited Not Applicable Not Applicable Prime + 4%
On Us Included in "Checks Written and Other Debits." See Above 300 Free per Statement; Over 300, $0.20 each See Below
Iowa Items Not Applicable Not Applicable $0.109
All Others Not Applicable Not Applicable $0.117
Reserve Requirement Not Applicable Not Applicable $0.149
Check Images Not Applicable Not Applicable 10%
Monthly or Annual CD Free Free Free
FDIC Assessment Available Available Available
Business Visa Check Card Not Applicable Not Applicable Current Rate
Business Online Banking Free Free Free
Remote Deposit Free Free $30.00
Online Bill Pay Not Applicable Available Available
Online Statements Available Available Available
24 Hour Phone Banking Required Free Free

* Refer to CBT rate sheet for more information on interest rates and annual percentage yields. All fees will be subject to state and local sales tax.