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All the benefits of a paper check, in one fast, easy, low-cost digital solution.

Built with today's business owner in mind, Payment Exchange allows users to process payments in just a few clicks. Clients can easily send a single check or import a check run. Whether it's 2 checks or 200, Payment Exchange can securely send them in minutes.

While paper checks are among the most widely accepted payment methods currently available, manually issuing checks is costly and inefficient. Payment Exchange eliminates the process of loading check stock, printing, signing, stuffing, stamping and mailing checks. Payment Exchange eChecks take everything businesses love about paper checks and combines it with the speed and ease of email. Clients who prefer paper checks may benefit from the Payment Exchange Print+Mail option to have checks printed and mailed instead.

“Payment Exchange has worked wonderfully when processing large check batches remotely, and even printing the one-off checks without having to run into the office.”


A streamlined payment process that delivers check payments to your recipients via email within minutes — a digital solution with no steep learning curve, requiring no radical changes to your current accounting systems or processes. eChecks are that solution.


Print+Mail combines the speed and convenience of a digital payment with the experience of receiving a traditional business check. With just a click, Print+Mail will automatically generate and print high-security paper checks and mail them for you the same day. (2pm CT cut-off for same day mailing)

On average, each use of Print+Mail will cost half as much time and money then the traditional process of mailing individual paper checks.

Integrates flawlessly with your accounting platforms

No double entries. No additional investment. No changes to your current AP process. Simply export a file from your accounting software that contains the email addresses and remittance data for the checks you want to send. Upload it to your Payment Exchange account and with just a few clicks you can deliver any number of checks quickly and efficiently.

If you utilize Positive Pay fraud prevention services, Payment Exchange will upload your issued check information automatically to the bank’s positive pay system.  

Whether you’re a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organization, CBT Payment Exchange has the versatility to benefit businesses of any size.

"The Payment Exchange platform has changed how we make vendor payments over the last year. This service allows for dual control and integrates easily with positive pay. Our vendors who are set up for electronic payments have boasted about the fast payment turnaround and the ease of use. This platform truly is the future of payment processing and we are excited to be on the front line of this technology.  "

- Payment Exchange client -

(Property Management Group) 

Ask our Treasury Management TeamTreasury Management Team how to get started using Payment Exchange now.  Fees will be calculated on a monthly basis and debited to your account.

Payment Exchange Support

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT

Note: Information provided through email is transmitted over an unsecure connection. Do not send account numbers, account service requests (e.g. stop payment) or other personal information.

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