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Card control is a free app that allows you to instantly change the settings on your CBT-issued debit card. When "off", no one can use your cards. 

Simply turn them "on" when you're ready to use them again. Card control is also designed to:

• Help safeguard your cards from fraud

• Let users define locations where debit cards can be used

• Limit purchases by merchant type

• Connect to your CBT Personal Mobile Banking app with single sign on

Visit your mobile app store and search "CBT Card Control" to download today or visit the Video Tutorial page to learn more!


Question: How does having the Card Control App affect the CBT Mobiliti Mobile Banking app?
Card Control is an extension of our mobile app and does not affect the CBT Mobile banking app. They go together but are still individual apps.

Question: So, should I have two apps on my phone?
Personal banking clients who want to use Card Control should have two apps on their phones. One will be the CBT Personal Mobile Banking app and the other will be the Card Control App.

Question: Can I access Card Control through my CBT mobile banking app?
Yes, the single sign-on (SSO) functionality is enabled. You will see an option that says “My Cards” inside the mobile banking app. This option will be on the main screen that shows the list of accounts within the mobile Banking app. When you click on “My Cards”, the Card Control App will open and allow the user to perform card inquiries etc. within the app. You will not have to reenter any credentials.

Question: Can I log directly into the Card Control App?
Yes, users will be able to log directly into the app without going through the Mobile App if they prefer.

Question: Can users enroll for Card Control only?
No. Users will need to have an existing CBT Online Banking or Mobile Banking profile to be able to use the Card Control App.

Question: What do I do if I download the Card Control App but don’t have a mobile profile (username and password)?
For users to be able to use the Card Control App via SSO, they have to have the CBT Mobile App. Please contact a CBT Account Executive at 319.291.2000 to get enrolled in Online Banking or the mobile app.

Question: If I download the Card Control App and do not have Mobiliti, What do I do next?
There is nothing that will prompt a user to enroll if he or she downloads the Card Control App on its own. Once the user sees that they don’t have login credentials, they will need to reach out to a Community Bank & Trust Account Executive at 319.291.2000 to get set up.

Question: Can business customers use the Card Control App?
At this time, the Card Control App is not available for Business customers.