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Do you need help found our Wealth Management & Trust Department? Find out!

  • Are you going through a difficult transition?
    • Death of a spouse
    • Divorce
    • Remarriage
  • Are you responsible for other people?
    • Parents of a disable child
    • Officer or Director for a non-profit
  • Did you all of a sudden acquire some wealth?
    • Receiving an inheritance
    • Selling a business
  • Could you use investment guidance?
    • Homeowner with substantial assets
    • Persons with large deposits
    • Thinking of investment planning for retirement
    • Need help making investment decisions
  • Could you use investment management help?
    • Planning for children's inheritances
    • Individuals planning major gifts to charity
  • Should you start thinking about retirement?
    • Planning for retirement
    • Needing financial protection in case of illness
    • Naming of IRA beneficiaries
    • Receiving a lump sum distribution
  • Have questions regarding estate planning?
    • Savings from estate taxes
    • Estate plans for business owners
    • Probate avoidance
    • Amateur executors

If you answered YES to any of these situations or have any questions, please contact our Wealth Management team at 319.291.2000.

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