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Your powerful personalized finance manager

With Money Manager, you can view all of your finances - across multiple financial institutions - conveniently within Personal Online Banking.

Quickly and easily, view account data from other financial institutions, including credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage, and insurance accounts, all in one place. This personalized tool will help you analyze spending, track investment portfolios, and set savings goals to uncover new opportunities and make well-informed financial decisions.

Money Manager gives you the tools to:

  • Securely view and aggregate account balances at other financial institutions, as well as snapshots of current month cash flow, top expenses, budgets and goals.
  • Build a budget in minutes and automatically track spending.
  • Get customized alerts when approaching spending limits in budget categories.
  • Categorize transactions automatically to keep budgets up-to-date.

Best of all, it's FREE for Personal Online Banking clients!

Simply log into Personal Online Banking and click on Money Manager to get started.

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